Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Keeping Busy?

Jim Dinning has been in the blog a lot lately. I know this may sound strange, but it is not favouritism that drives my hand.

It's the fact that none of the other candidates have done anything noteworthy - at least not vis a vis the fight to succeed our Lord and Master, Ralph Klein.

Sure, Ted Morton appeared in an article in media watch blog The Tyee, in which Morton and Rainer Knopff "went to the University of Calgary where they specialize in attacking the Charter of Rights and Freedoms." (sic) (It should also be noted that we are currently investigating the reliability of this assertion).

And Dave Hancock, Iris Evans, and Lyle Oberg appeared infrequently, but only in articles related to their positions in the Tory cabinet.

This is at once frustrating and gratifying.

On the one hand, Dinning is cranking out enough material to keep this blog publishing regularly, and our other candidates are keeping busy doing their jobs - making certain there's still a province here when Klein finally steps down.

On the other, it gets tiresome reporting on the same guy day after day. So, candidates, here is an open letter to all of you: Please, let me know just what it is you're doing. That is, if you know the answer to that, yourselves.


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