Thursday, December 01, 2005

Liberal Government collapse - Good for Alberta Conservatives?

Panic reigns in the streets of Canada's cities! Paul Martin's Liberal minority government has collapsed, leaving the political future of the country in doubt!

Maybe that was a bit sensationalistic.

But, following a vote of no confidence, a gloating Stephen Harper raised his fists in victory - the giant, ailing from sponsorship scandals, money mismanagement, and public ire, finally fell.

The sound it made as it crashed? The lamenting strains of a Winter election.

An ipsos poll indicated that the Liberals and Conservatives were in a dead heat at 31 per cent apiece. On a federal level, the country is split fairly evenly.

But what about in Alberta? What ramifications could this have?

Ralph Klein, the "safe bet" in Alberta for over a quarter century, is stepping down within the next two years, and contenders for his well-worn throne already stalk.

The fact that the Federal Liberals have been shot down like a lame horse might raise cries of victory from this Province's voters, who poll largely conservative.

It's no secret that Albertans vote conservative - never mind more left-wing ridings largely populated by students - so it's unlikely we'll see the NDP sweep the province come the next Provincial election.

But, were Albertans more politically active, and based on our voting record, is it possible that the lack of confidence in Liberal government across the country will push this province even further right? Could we see a Reform/Alliance-style party take control?

It's a possibility, sure, but an unlikely one.

The only thing that exceeds Albertans' love for small government and big profits, is our allegiance to the status quo. No matter who's heading the good ship ProCon, Albertans will go with the devil they know.

It's worked so far, right?


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