Thursday, December 01, 2005

Morton's fire means good things for Post-Secondary

Yesterday, Foothills-Rockeyview MLA Ted Morton lambasted Premier Klein's $20 million endowment for post-secondary education.

Obviously, someone's not out to curry favour with the big man on his way out.

And you know what? I applaud him for that.

Earmarking $20 million for Alberta students to help defray skyrocketing tuition costs (thanks to Papa Klein's "I'll foot the bill" attitude - as though he were a rich uncle at dinner) was certainly not the best use of the money.

But we're not here to talk about Klein frittering away yet more money, littering his path out of office with $5 bills as though they were rose petals trailing Caesar's chariot.

We're here to talk about Ted Morton's chutzpah. Standing up to fight for the best interests of Alberta's post secondary students - the ones who didn't leave to pursue educations at schools that ranked higher in Maclean's.

It's not such a surprise that he saved his choicest epithets for Dave Hancock, Alberta's Advanced Education Minister and rival for office of leader of the Alberta PCs. After all, this expenditure does fall within Hancock's portfolio, and it's a small boost for Morton, who obviously wants this job.

While once again, time will tell, this brief flash of brimstone is at the very least a reminder we're in for a heck of a race - here's hoping that Morton can keep rolling and give Jim Dinning a run for his money.


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