Thursday, February 22, 2007

Another rebranding and: PROJECTS!

Those poor bastards who have read from the beginning knew "Stranger than fiction" as a project for my web journalism class, hence the political ruminations and half-baked theories.

Those who continued to read were treated to four sporadic posts featuring my experiences writing news in a (horrible) small town.

Those who even now can't seem to get enough of my particular brand of idiocy will be treated to the following:

- Madcap rantings of a man given a conduit to the entire world.
- Updates on my current projects
- Short (bad) fiction
- Commentary
- Simians

At any rate, let's leap directly into this, shall we?

- Nefarious Schemes stubbornly continues to refuse to edit itself, leading me to believe that I should probably give it a nudge or something in the right direction. Thus far, no prospects for publishing.
- Artists continue to stymie my best efforts. Still waiting on confirmation from an artist who had expressed interest in Fairytale Streets (a one-shot coming featuring mythology and sadness and homeless children). Also waiting on concepts from an artist attached to draw my upcoming webcomic collaboration, [as yet untitled].

More on all this later.


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